Focus: (Virtual) Agents
Area Chairs: Ana Paiva and Helmut Prendinger

Virtual agents are embodied agents in interactive virtual or physical environments that emulate human-like behavior. Papers on the design, implementation, and evaluation of virtual agents are encouraged, as well as papers about challenging applications of virtual agents. The goal is to provide an opportunity for interaction and cross-fertilization between the AAMAS community and researchers working on virtual agents and to strengthen links between the two communities.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Verbal and non-verbal expressiveness
  2. Models of personality, emotions and social behavior
  3. Multi-user/multi-virtual-agent interaction
  4. Agents and avatars in narrative, games, and virtual worlds
  5. Advanced 3D modeling and animation technologies
  6. Applications and user studies

When registering your paper to this special area, please select focus as:

Focus Keyword: (Virtual) Agents (any subarea)

The other axes must be chosen according to the paper submitted. As an example, a paper about a virtual agent application based on case-based planning techniques may be classified as Artificial Intelligence on the Inspiration Source Axis and as Applications in the Description Level Axis.

For more information about the deadlines and formats, please refer to the Information for Authors and Submission Details pages.