How to get to Budapest

Arrival at Budapest by air:

Most visitors will arrive at the Budapest Ferihegy Airport - Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B, or Terminal 1 in case of arriving by low fair airlines.
At Budapest Airport, Terminal 2A serves Schengen and 2B non-Schengen traffic. Aircraft arriving from the Schengen zone is automatically directed to Terminal 2A, while aircraft from outside the zone will get a stand at 2B. The passengers within the Schengen zone can save some minutes thanks to the lack of passport control

Arrival at Budapest by train:

More than fifty trains a day provide direct links between Budapest and 25 other capital cities. Trains to Vienna run every three hours. International trains operate from the three largest stations:
  • Keleti pályaudvar (railway station): VIII., Baross tér. Tel: (+36-1) 413 - 4610.
  • Nyugati pályaudvar: VI., Nyugati tér Tel: (+36-1) 349-8503
  • Déli pályaudvar I. Krisztina krt. 37. Tel: (+36-1) 375-6593
For further information on schedules see the timetable of the Hungarian railway.

Arrival at Budapest by car:

All Hungary's motorways and most of her main roads radiate out from the capital. The M1, M3, M5 and
7 are toll highways, and you must pay the appropriate toll (either at the border or at larger petrol stations) and display the windscreen sticker before getting the road. Road signs conform to continental standards. 24-hour roadside assistance is provided by the Magyar Autóklub (Tel.: (+36-1) 345-1755), and emergency roadside is available by dialing 188.

Arrival at Budapest by hidrofoil

How to get to the venue/hotels

By car

Most travelers will arrive from the direction of Vienna on highway M1. To reach Budapest and the venue, you leave M1 via the exit to Budakeszi. Go along the Fő utca (street) in Budakeszi, then take the road towards Budapest via the road called Budakeszi út. The conference venue is 3 kilometers far, at Palos utca/Hárshegyi utca.

Please, follow the Google map.

If you miss the exit you may get to the venue through Budapest center (slow and construction works are taking place!!!) Do not leave M1 highway until it ends. Take the direction to Erzsébet híd (bridge). At the bridge turn left to Bach csomópont (junction), then take the road (middle line) to the direction of Moszkva tér (square). Then take the road to Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor (str), drive along the road and turn left to Budakeszi út (str), drive as far as Pálos utca (str).
FYI, from Moszkva tér, you may follow the line of bus #22.

Airport shuttle

Airport Minibus Shuttle Service is a popular and affordable means of transportation between the airport and the city.
Prior to your arrival, it is recommended to visit the web site for detailed information.

Public Transport

Public transportation (BKV) in general is extensive, reliable and cheap.Fares cannot be paid on board and there are fines for traveling without a validated ticket. Tickets are valid for one ride only. A new ticket must be used every time you change lines. Tickets can be cancelled in meters (red punch slots on the board of the tram or bus) or at the metro station entrances (orange boxes). Tickets can be purchased at metro stations, hotels, newsstands and tobacco shops.

Instead of single tickets you may consider buying a carnet of 10 tickets or a pass (for 1/7/14 days or for a month), or a Budapest Card. These are available at the metro stations or at end stations of public transport. (Remember: on Budapest transport means you must be able to produce your ticket/card at the end or to inspectors, so do not throw away your ticket after punching in).

All three metro lines meet at Deák tér and run from 4:30am to 11pm. Most bus and tramlines operate until 11pm.

For current fares, please click here.

The Europa Congress Center - the conference venue - is within an easy access (20 minutes) by bus #22 from "Moszkva tér" (square) (Metro line #2; bus: #22, 91, 139, 149, 155, 156, 222; tram: 59A, 61). The ECC is in a distance of 50 meters from the stop "Dénes utca" (street).


The most popular and reliable companies in Budapest are: City Taxi,, 6x6 Taxi, Buda-Taxi, Főtaxi, Rádiótaxi, Taxi 2000 and Tele5 Taxi., and between the airport and the city, the Zona Taxi Service.

Főtaxi (+36) 80-222-2222 (free green number) or
(+36-1) 222-2222, (+36) 20-9222-222, (+36) 30-9222-222, (+36) 70-9222-222
City Taxi (+36-1) 211-1111, (+36) 20-9211-111, (+36) 30-9211-111, (+36) 70-2111-111
Rádiótaxi (+36-1) 377-7777, (+36) 20- 9777-777, (+36) 30-9777-777
Tele5 Taxi (+36-1) 355-5555, (+36) 20- 935-5555
6x6 Taxi (+36-1) 266-6666, (+36-1) 466-6666
Taxi 2000 (+36-1)200-0000, (+36) 30-2000-000
Buda-Taxi (+36-1) 233-3333, (+36) 20- 9333-333
Zona Taxi (+36-1) 365-5555

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