We are delighted to announce a student scholarship program. The purpose of this program is to provide financial support for students with accepted papers at AAMAS-09, to enable them to travel to the conference.

To be eligible you must:

* be registered as a full-time student at a higher education institute (e.g. a University);
* be explicitly listed as an author of a paper accepted for AAMAS-09 (full, extended abstract, or workshop)

Our emphasis is on helping students who are first authors of full papers accepted for the main conference. Though lower in priority, to the extent that funds allow, we also hope to potentially provide support for student authors of extended abstracts, or of workshop papers.
We anticipate different levels of funding based on geographic location (distance to conference venue, underrepresented regions), level of participation, etc. We particuarly encourage student scholarship applications from underrepresented regions.

To apply complete the Student Scholarship Application Form. You will need to provide your participation details for AAMAS-09 as well as a pdf with a (scanned) letter certifying that you are registered as a full time student. This letter should carry the letterhead of your institution, and must be signed by your supervisor/thesis advisor. Submit your application (the completed application form and the scanned letter) by email. The deadline for submitting AAMAS-09 student scholarship applications is

February 27, 2009

We will contact all applicants to let them know the outcome as soon as possible.

Maria Gini
University of Minnesota, USA