Focus: Social/Organizational Structure
Area Chairs: Olivier Boissier and Virginia Dignum

Papers on the structuring/defining/analyzing of the identity and properties of the social context of agency are welcome.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. organizations and institutions
2. norms, commitments
3. agent autonomy in social context
4. groups and teams
5. coordination
6. coalition formation
7. reputation and trust

When registering your paper to this special area, please select focus as:

Focus Keywords: Social/Organizational Structure (any subarea)

The other axes must be chosen according to the paper submitted. As an example, a formal description of norms would have Theoretical as an option on the Description level axis, while an organizational middleware system would probably have Experimental systems as the option on this axis.

For more information about the deadlines and formats, please refer to the Information for Authors and Submission Details pages.