16th International Symposium on Fundamentals of
Computation Theory
August 27-30, 2007, Budapest, Hungary

General travel information


You are responsible for arranging a visa if required. Invitation letters for visa purposes will be issued for registered participants upon request.

IMPORTANT! Hungary is an EU member but not a member of the Schengen Agreement. Please contact your travel agent or local government agency to be sure you have the proper travel documents.


The Organizers of the Conference do not provide insurance and do not take responsibility for any loss, accident or illness that might occur during the Conference or in the course of travel to or from the meeting site. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the participants to check their coverage with their insurance provider.

Bank, Currency, Credit Cards

The unit of currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF), denoted as “Ft” by the Hungarians. International credit cards (AmEx, EC/MC, Visa) are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shops. ATMs are available at the Airport and in many locations throughout the city. For exchange rates, please, visit http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic.

VAT Refund

The taxpayer registered abroad may ask for the refund of the VAT on products and services (s)he acquired in Hungary, if he/she is registered in a Member State of the European Communities or there is a reciprocity between the State of the registration and the Republic of Hungary (presently these are: Switzerland and Liechtenstein).


Hungary is in the temperate zone, the late-August weather is usually nice and warm. Daily temperature usually ranges from 22'C to 30'C, and the relative humidity is below 50%.

The webpage of the Hungarian Meteorological Service (in Hungarian)

The weather in Budapest with a 10 day forecast.


The electricity supply in Hungary is 220 V AC (50 Hz).

Arrival in Budapest - Transfer from the Airport

Budapest can be reached from all European capitals by flight within 3 hours, from the US East Coast within 8-10 hours, and the West Coast within 12 hours.

For many European participants, Budapest can easily be reached by train and by car, as well.

Most visitors will arrive at the Budapest Ferihegy Airport. The easiest means of transportation from the airport to any location in Budapest is via minibuses. The door-to-door Airport Minibus Service is reasonably priced (approx. EUR 12), comfortable and reliable.

Regular international flights at Budapest (Ferihegy) Airport start from Terminal 2A or Terminal 2B (these terminals are just a short walk from each other). Usually Terminal 2A serves the national company (MALÉV), and Terminal 2B serves most other flight operators.

Most low fair airlines arrive/depart from Budapest Airport (Ferihegy) Terminal 1.

Airport Minibus Shuttle

The Airport mini-bus service will take you anywhere in Budapest. Information desk (operator) for mini-bus service is found in the center of the arrival lobby. The bus fits about 6 persons with luggage and picks up and drops them off one by one at their doors. Add at least 1 hour to your airport arrival time (depending on the traffic). This service is suggested (safe, fast). This door-to-door Airport Minibus Service is reasonably priced (one way ticket: HUF 2300, go-return ticket: HUF 3900).

Travelers will purchase a voucher and proceed to the waiting area for your van to arrive. The wait is generally 10-20 minutes. Those who schedule round-trip transportation must call to re-confirm their return trip at least 24 hours in advance of their flight. For a ride to the airport you may call the +36-80-296-855 or +36-1-296-8555 telephone number from the city.

Public transportation

Passengers are taken by a direct bus service from Terminals 1 and 2 (A & B), called the ’Airport Bus’ (number 200), to Kobánya-Kispest Metro Station. These buses start in front of the arrival lobby.

Passengers from terminal 1 can take the bus 93 to Kobánya-Kispest Metro Station as well.

From Kobánya-Kispest Metro Station the blue metro takes you to the direction of the city center.


Also taxis with fix airport transfer tariffs are available at the airport. The official company is Zóna Taxi. Hotel Benczur (the conference hotel) is in zone 2. The transfer price is HUF 4100 (approx. EUR 17).