- 4th International FSL & FreeSurfer Course

8-11 June 2004 - Marienberg Castle, Wuerzburg, Germany

- Partial Volume Effect Correction in PET/SPET: from theory to practice

12 June 2004 - Budapest Congress Centre, Room "Brahms", Budapest, Hungary

Policies and Procedures for Satellite Activities


An application must be received in the OHBM office prior to distribution of any publicity materials concerning this proposed satellite activity and no later than 90 days before the proposed activity date.  Applicant must include a description (max 50 words) of the activity for OHBM publicity purposes.


If the applicant is a commercial entity, a check must accompany the application.


Requesting permission (no promotional assistance from OHBM):       

US$ 5,000

Requesting permission
plus OHBM website publicity, a single e-mail announcement and 1 set of mailing labels:       

US$ 10,000


If the applicant is a non-profit, scientific or educational organization, there will be no charge for requesting permission.  The event will be publicized via the OHBM website with an option of a single e-mail announcement.

If the activity is approved:


OHBM staff must be provided the opportunity to review drafts of publicity material prior to publication and distribution to ensure that names of commercial supporters are disclosed.  Note:  If this policy is violated, OHBM reserves the right to deny future applications made by the violating organization.


No later than 30 days after the activity, the following items should be received in the OHBM Executive office:


A report of the number of attendees.


The final program.

For Application for Approval of Satellite Activity form click here