XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology

Ideas and Instruments in Social Context

28  July -2 August 2009
Budapest, Hungary

Guidelines for Symposium Organisers

The general topic of the XXIIIrd Congress of the History of Science and Technology:

 Ideas and Instruments in Social Context

ICHST welcomes proposals to organize scientific symposia with at least four papers. There is no upper limit to the number of papers in a symposium. Symposia should be organized by two scholars representing different countries. The individual symposia should preferably represent a multinational composition of speakers.

Responsibilities of symposium organizers:

Symposium organizers are responsible for l0gistics and content of their symposium. The topic has to be relevant to theme of the Congress (see 1st Circular). Symposium organizers are entitled to invite speakers and peer review the abstracts of their symposium.


The symposium proposal including the

1./ Title,

2./ Description (max. 300-words),

3./  Names and e-mail addresses of the organizers,

4./  CV of the organizers (max. 200-words)

must reach the Congress Secretariat by 30 June 2008. The International Program Committee (IPC) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will reach their decisions on symposia by 20 August 2008.

The symposium program
including the titles of the papers, names, affiliations and countries of the speakers and all the abstracts in the final order should be sent to the Congress Secretariat by 15 December 2008. The IPC and the LOC will, in general, not offer an opinion about abstracts or modify the program of the symposium.


Benefits of symposium organizers:

Organizers (max. 2) of a symposium including eight or more papers upon request will be granted free registrations, if at least six of the speakers register for the Congress and pay their registration fees before 15 April 2009 (the early registration deadline).

Submission and information

Congress Secretariat
c/o SCOPE Ltd.
Kende u. 13-17., H-1111 Budapest, Hungary
fax: +36-1-386-9378

web: http://www.conferences.hu/ichs09/