Preliminary Program


Sunday, 4 July

17.00 – 19.00



Monday, 5 July

09.00 – 10.00

Plenary 1:

·       Models of Real-World Networks: Inhomogeneous Random Graphs and Convergent Graph Sequences
Béla Bollobás

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee Break

10.30 – 12.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Linear Stochastic Systems, the White Noise Space, and Related Topics (Invited Session)

Organizer: Daniel Alpay

Chair: Daniel Alpay

·        An Introduction to White Noise Theory and Linear Stochastic Systems

Daniel Alpay, David Levanony

·        Discrete Multiscale Systems: Stability Results

Daniel Alpay, Mamadou Mboup

·        Stochastic integration for a class of Gaussian processes

Daniel Alpay, Haim Attia, David Levanony

·        On a Schur Class of Functions whose Values are Operators between Banach Spaces

Dan Volok

2.   Information and Markov Dynamics (Regular Session)

Chair: Zsolt Talata

·        Finite Memory Estimation of Infinite Memory Processes

Imre Csiszár, Zsolt Talata

·        The Information Inequality on Function Spaces given a Singular Information Matrix

Tzvetan Ivanov, Pierre-Antoine Absil, Michel Gevers

·        Minimum Relative Entropy State Transitions in Linear Stochastic Systems: the Continuous Time Case

Igor G. Vladimirov, Ian R. Petersen

·        Deconvolution of Quantized-Input Linear Systems: Analysis via Markov Processes of a Low-Complexity Algorithm

Sophie M. Fosson, Paolo Tilli

3.   Stochastic Model Predictive Control (Invited Session)

Organizers: Peter Hokayem, Debasish Chatterjee, John Lygeros

Chair: Peter Hokayem

·        Stochastic Tube MPC with State Estimation

Mark Cannon, Qifeng Cheng, Basil Kouvaritakis, Saša V. Raković

·        Constrained Control Design – A Simulation-Based Scenario Approach

Maria Prandini, Marco C. Campi

·        Stable Markov Decision Processes using Simulation Based Predictive Control

Zhe Yang, Nikolas Kantas, Andrea Lecchini-Visintini, Jan M. Maciejowski

·        Stable Stochastic Receding Horizon Control of Linear Systems with Bounded Control Inputs

Peter Hokayem, Debasish Chatterjee, Federico Ramponi, Georgios Chaloulos, John Lygeros

4.   Algebraic Systems Theory, Behaviors, and Codes: Stabilization and Interconnection (Invited Session)

Organizers: Eva Zerz, Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

Chair: Eva Zerz

·        A Behavioral Approach to Modeling Electrical Circuits

Jan Willems

·        The Design and Parametrization of Stabilizing Feedback Compensators via Injective Cogenerator Quotient Signal Modules

Ingrid Blumthaler, Ulrich Oberst

·        Control of 2D Behaviors by Partial Interconnection

Paula Rocha, Diego Napp Avelli

·        Robustly Stable Multivariate Polynomials

Martin Scheicher

5.   LDPC and Applications (Invited Session)

Organizers: Joachim Rosenthal, Marcus Greferath

Chair: Joachim Rosenthal

·        Exploration of AWGNC and BSC Pseudocodeword Redundancy

Jens Zumbrägel, Mark F. Flanagan, Vitaly Skachek

·        Cross-Correlation of Costas Arrays: The Current Status

Konstantinos Drakakis, Scott Rickard

·        LDPC Codes from Matrix Equations

Ariel Amir, Abigail Mitchell, Joachim Rosenthal

·        On Binary Self-Dual Extremal Codes

Wolfgang Willems

6.   2D Systems (Invited Session)

Organizers: Marek Majewski, Dariusz Idczak

Chair: Marek Majewski

·        Positive Switched 2D Linear Systems Described by the Roesser Models

Tadeusz Kaczorek

·        A New Approach to Strong Practical Stability and Stabilization of Discrete Linear Repetitive Processes

Pawel Dabkowski, Krzysztof Gałkowski, Olivier Bachelier, Eric Rogers, James Lam

·        2D Systems with Controls and Some their Applications

Dorota Bors, Stanisław Walczak

·        Fractional Differential Repetitive Processes

Dariusz Idczak, Rafał Kamocki

7.   Real Algebraic Geometry and Applications – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizers: William J. Helton, Pablo Parrilo

Chair: William J. Helton

·        Input-Output Systems Analysis Using Sum Of Squares Programming: A Decomposition Approach

James Anderson, Antonis Papachristodoulou

·        The Grothendieck Problem With Rank Constraint

Jop Briët, Fernando Mário De Oliveira Filho, Frank Vallentin

·        Programmable Antenna Design Using Convex Optimization

Javad Lavaei, Aydin Babakhani, Ali Hajimiri, John C. Doyle

·        On The Real Multidimensional Rational K-Moment Problem

Jaka Cimprič, Murray Marshall, Tim Netzer

8.   Interpolation and Approximation in Linear Systems – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizer: Andrea Gombani

Chair: Andrea Gombani

·        Minimal Symmetric Darlington Synthesis: The Real Case

Laurent Baratchart, Per Enqvist, Andrea Gombani, Martine Olivi

·        Convergent Rational Interpolation to Cauchy Integrals on an Arc

Laurent Baratchart, Maxim Yattselev

·        Approximative Covariance Interpolation

Per Enqvist

·        LMI Conditions of Strictly Bounded Realness on a State-Space Realization to Bi-Tangential Rational Interpolation

Yohei Kuroiwa

9.   Graph Processes (Regular Session)

Chair: Thomas P. Cason

·        A Unified Framework for Affine Local Graph Similarity

Thomas P. Cason, Pierre-Antoine Absil, V.D. Blondel, Paul Van Dooren

·        Vulnerability Analysis for Complex Networks Using Aggressive Abstraction

Richard Colbaugh, Kristin Glass

·        Analysis of Complex Networks

Angel Garrido

·        Cost Optimisation of Electric Power Transmission Networks Using Steiner Tree Theory

Kevin Prendergast, Doreen Thomas

10. Piece-Wise Affine Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Madalena Chaves

·        Transition Probabilities for Piecewise Affine Models of Genetic Networks

Madalena Chaves, Etienne Farcot, Jean-Luc Gouzé

·        Chaos via Two-Valued Interval Maps in a Piecewise Affine Model Example for Hysteresis

Rudolf Csikja, Barnabás M. Garay, János Tóth

·        Temporal Logic Control for Piecewise-Affine Hybrid Systems on Polytopes

Luc Habets, Calin Belta

·        Observability Reduction of Piecewise-Affine Hybrid Systems

Mihály Petreczky, Jan H. van Schuppen

11. Advanced Linear Algebra – 1 (Regular Session)

Chair: Rodolphe Sepulchre

·        Rank-Preserving Geometric Means of Positive Semi-Definite Matrices

Silvere Bonnabel, Rodolphe Sepulchre

·        Gauss Elimination without Pivoting for Positive Semidefinite Matrices and an Application to Sum of Squares Representations

Carla Fidalgo

·        Algorithm to Compute Minimal Nullspace Basis of a Polynomial Matrix

Swanand R. Khare, Harish K. Pillai, Madhu N. Belur

·        On the Minimum Rank of a Generalized Matrix Approximation Problem in the Maximum Singular Value Norm

Kin Cheong Sou, Anders Rantzer

12. Observers (Regular Session)

Chair: José Mario Araújo

·        Conditioned-Invariant Polyhedral Sets for Observers with Error Limitation in Discrete-Time Descriptor Systems

José Mario Araújo, Péricles Rezende Barros, Carlos Eduardo Trabuco Dórea

·        Output Feedback Observers and Control under Non-Gaussian Types of Noise

Alexander B. Kurzhanski, Irina A. Digailova

·        Internal Observers for Linear Systems with Time-Varying Delays

Mustapha Ait Rami, Jens Jordan, Michael Schönlein

13. Non-Linear Dynamics (Regular Session)

Chair: Luigi Fortuna

·        Bergson's Time and Strange Attractors

Arturo Buscarino, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca

·        Derived Cones to Reachable Sets of Semilinear Differential Inclusions

Aurelian Cernea

·        Identification of Nonlinear Processes in Microfluidic Bubble Flow

Florinda Schembri, Francesca Sapuppo, Luigi Fortuna, Maide Bucolo

·        Interconnection of Dirac Structures and Lagrange-Dirac Dynamical Systems

Hiroaki Yoshimura, Henry Jacobs, Jerrold E. Marsden

14. Communication (Regular Session)

Chair: Doreen Thomas

·        A New Algorithm for the Euclidean K-Bottleneck Steiner Problem

Marcus Brazil, Charl Ras, Doreen Thomas

·        Delay-Based Connectivity of Wireless Networks

Martin Haenggi

·        Covering Codes and Invariant Sets

Emerson Carmelo

·        Classification Results for Non-Mixed and Mixed Optimal Covering Codes: A Survey

Gerzson Kéri

12.30 – 14.00


14.00 – 15.00

Semiplenaries 1-3

·       Modelling High Dimensional Time Series by Generalized Factor Models
Manfred Deistler
(joint work with B.D.O. Anderson, A. Filler, W. Chen)

·       Smith-Predictor Type Structure for a Class of Infinite-Dimensional Systems: Optimal Control and Performance Limitation Formula
Kenji Kashima

·       Some Problems with Connecting Renewable Energy Sources to the Grid
George Weiss, Qing-Chang Zhong

15.00 – 15.30

Coffee Break

15.30 – 17.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Passive Network Synthesis (Invited Session)

Organizer: Malcolm C. Smith

Chair: Malcolm C. Smith

·        Passive Synthesis of the Terminal Behavior of Circuits

Jan Willems

·        Redundancies in Transformerless Network Synthesis

Jason Zheng Jiang, Malcolm C. Smith

·        Network Optimization and Synthesis Using a Combined Mechanical and Electrical System: Application to Vehicle Suspension Control

Fu-Cheng Wang, Hsiang-An Chan

2.   Filtering, Estimation and Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Lorenzo Finesso

·        Two-Step Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm for the Approximate Realization of Hidden Markov Models

Lorenzo Finesso, Angela Grassi, Peter Spreij

·        Recursive Identification of Continuous-Time Linear Stochastic Systems - An Off-Line Approximation

László Gerencsér, Vilmos Prokaj

·        Mean-Square Minimization in Mathematical Finance with Control and State Constraints

Andrew J. Heunis

·        Convergence of the MAP Path Estimator in HMMs with Continuous Hidden State Space

Pavel Chigansky, Ya’acov Ritov

3.   Continuous-Time Model Identification (Invited Session)

Organizer: Toshiharu Sugie

Chair: Toshiharu Sugie

·        Continuous-Time Model Identification and State Estimation Using Non-Uniformly Sampled Data

Rolf Johansson

·        Frequency Domain Total Least Squares Estimator of Time-Varying Systems

John Lataire, Rik Pintelon

·        EM Identification of Continuous–Time State Space Models from Fast Sampled Data

Juan I. Yuz, Jared Alfaro, Juan C. Agüero, Graham C. Goodwin

4.   Algebraic Systems Theory, Behaviors, and Codes: New Developments Beyond Classical Algebraic Coding Theory (Invited Session)

Organizers: Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Eva Zerz

Chair: Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

·        New Improvements on the Echelon-Ferrers Construction

Anna-Lena Trautmann, Joachim Rosenthal

·        On the Weight Hierarchy of Certain Grassmann Codes

Arunkumar R. Patil, Harish K. Pillai

·        The Shortest-Basis Approach to Minimal Realizations of Linear Systems

G. David Forney Jr.

·        Correlations in Stream Ciphers: A Systems Theory Point of View

Sara Diaz Cardell, Gerard Maze, Joachim Rosenthal, Urs Wagner

5.   New Mathematical Methods in Multidimensional Systems Theory – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Alban Quadrat, Thomas Cluzeau

Chair: Alban Quadrat

·        Further Results on Serre’s Reduction of Multidimensional Linear Systems

Mohamed S. Boudellioua, Alban Quadrat

·        Serre's Reduction of Linear Partial Differential Systems Based on Holonomy

Thomas Cluzeau, Alban Quadrat

·        Purity Filtration of 2-Dimensional Linear Systems

Alban Quadrat

·        Purity Filtration and the Fine Structure of Autonomy

Mohamed Barakat

6.   Recent Developments in Multidimensional Systems, Control and Signals – Theory and Applications – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizer: Krzysztof Gałkowski

Chair: Krzysztof Gałkowski

·        On a Nonlinear Two-Directionally Continuous Repetitive Process

Marek Majewski

·        Controllability, Observability and Disturbance Attenuation by Boundary Control of Repetitive Processes with Smoothing

Teresa Azevedo-Perdicoúlis, Gerhard Jank

·        On Asymptotically Reconstructing Local-State Trajectories for 2-D Systems without Exploiting Input Information

Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis, Michael Cantoni

·        LQ Parametrization of Robust Stabilizing Static Output Feedback Controllers for 2D Continuous Roesser Systems

Pavel Pakshin, Krzysztof Gałkowski, Eric Rogers

7.   Systems Theory and the Economics of Pricing in New Markets (Invited Session)

Organizers: Robert Martin, Clyde F. Martin

Chair: Robert Martin

·        Systems and Markets: Instability and Irrationality

Robert Martin, Clyde F. Martin, Xuyao Lin

·        A General Theory of Markovian Time Inconsistent Stochastic Control Problems

Tomas Björk, Agatha Murgoci

·        A Model for Multiscaling and Clustering of Volatility in Financial Indexes

Alessandro Andreoli, Francesco Caravenna, Paolo Dai Pra, Gustavo Posta

·        Arbitrage-Free Multifactor Term Structure Models: A Theory Based on Stochastic Control

Andrea Gombani, Wolfgang J. Runggaldier

8.   Interpolation and Approximation in Linear Systems – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizer: Andrea Gombani

Chair: Andrea Gombani

·        Parametrization of Matrix-Valued Lossless Functions Based on Boundary Interpolation

Ralf Peeters, Martine Olivi, Bernard Hanzon

·        On Tangential Matrix Interpolation

Paul A. Fuhrmann

·        On the Partial Realization Problem

Andrea Gombani, György Michaletzky

·        Polynomial Structure of 3 x 3 Reciprocal Inner Matrices

David Avanessoff, Martine Olivi, Fabien Seyfert

9.   Biological Networks (Regular Session)

Chair: Siamak Taati

·        Gene Regulatory Networks: The Impact of Distance between Genes

Gilles Bernot, Jean-Paul Comet, Enrico Formenti, Siamak Taati

·        Controlling Gene Regulatory Networks by Means of Control Systems Theory Principles and Microfluidic Devices

Filippo Menolascina, Mario di Bernardo, Diego di Bernardo

·        Estimation of Protein Networks for Cell Cycle in Yeast Based on Least–Squares Method Using Periodic Signals

Noriko Takahashi, Takehito Azuma, Shuichi Adachi

10. Switched Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Koichi Kobayashi

·        Free-Variable Analysis of Finite Automata Representations for Hybrid Systems Control

Koichi Kobayashi, Jun-ichi Imura

·        Disturbance Decoupling Problems with Quadratic Stability for Switched Linear Systems via State Feedback

Naohisa Otsuka

·        Output Feedback Stabilizing Control and Passification of Switching Diffusion Systems

Pavel Pakshin, Dimitri Peaucelle

·        On Well-Posedness of Piecewise Affine Bimodal Dynamical Systems

Le Q. Thuan, Kanat Camlibel

11. Advanced Linear Algebra – 2 (Regular Session)

Chair: Christophe Fonte

·        Conditions for Interpolation of Stable Polynomials

Christophe Fonte, Cédric Delattre

·        Convexity of Higher Dimensional Numerical Ranges

Michael Karow

·        Real Radius of Controllability for the Systems Described by Polynomial Matrices: SIMO Case

Swanand R. Khare, Harish K. Pillai, Madhu N. Belur

·        Computing the Controllability Radius for Higher Order Systems Using Semidefinite Programming

Bogdan C. Şicleru, Bogdan Dumitrescu

12. PDE Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Joao R. Branco

·        Integro-Differential IBVP versus Differential IBVP: Stability Analysis

Joao R. Branco, José Augusto Ferreira

·        Distributed Source Identification for Wave Equations: An Observer-Based Approach

Marianne Chapouly, Mazyar Mirrahimi

·        Block Preconditioned Methods in Solution of Hyperbolic Equations

Ahmad Shayganmanesh (Golbabai), M.M. Arabshahi

·        The Best State Space for the SCOLE Model

Xiaowei Zhao, George Weiss

13. New Results on Computation and Control (Invited Session)

Organizer: Bijoy Ghosh

Chair: Bijoy Ghosh

·        Periodic and Recursive Control Theoretic Smoothing Splines

Maja Karasalo, Xiaoming Hu, Clyde F. Martin

·        Smoothing Splines on the Torus

F. Egebrand, Magnus Egerstedt, Clyde F. Martin

·        Control Aspects of a Finite Length Hubbard Chain

F. Assaad, Gunther Dirr, F. Goth, Uwe Helmke

·        To Tilt Your Head or Not To: Potentially

Bijoy K. Ghosh, Indika B. Wijayasinghe


14. Signal Processing (Regular Session)

Chair: Kenadall Gillies

·        Convergence of Bayesian Posterior Distributions

Kenadall Gillies, Robert Martin, Shan Sun, Clyde F. Martin

·        High Resolution Analysis via Sparsity-Inducing Techniques: Spectral Lines in Colored Noise

Lipeng Ning, Tryphon T. Georgiou, Allen Tannenbaum

·        Probabilistic Current-State Opacity is Undecidable

Anooshiravan Saboori, Christoforos N. Hadjicostis

18.00 – 19.00

Opening Reception


Tuesday, 6 July

09.00 – 10.00

Plenary 2:

·       In memory of Christopher I. Byrnes
Alberto Isidori, Joachim Rosenthal, Anders Lindquist, Giorgio Picci

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee Break

10.30 – 12.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Moment Problems, Maximum Entropy, and Covariance Extension (Invited Session)

Organizer: Giorgio Picci

Chair: Giorgio Picci

·        A Maximum Entropy Approach to the Covariance Extension Problem for Reciprocal Processes

Francesca Carli, Augusto Ferrante, Michele Pavon, Giorgio Picci

·        On the Factorization Approach to Band Extension of Block-Circulant Matrices

Francesca Carli, Giorgio Picci

·        Graphical Models of Autoregressive Moving-Average Processes

Enrico Avventi, Anders Lindquist, Bo Wahlberg

·        On the Maximum Entropy Completion of Circulant Covariance Matrices

Francesca Carli, Tryphon T. Georgiou

2.   Probabilistic Methods (Regular Session)

Chair: Pavel Shcherbakov

·        Boundary Oracles for Control-Related Matrix Sets

Pavel Shcherbakov

·        Potentials and Limitations to Speed up MCMC Methods Using Non-Reversible Chains

Balázs Gerencsér

·        A Stochastic Paradox in a Model for Reflected Brownian Motion?

Erik I. Verriest

·        Distribution-Dependent Performance of the Good-Turing Estimator for the Missing Mass

Mesrob I. Ohannessian, Munther A. Dahleh

3.   Distributed Parameter Systems I: System Structure (Invited Session)

Organizers: Birgit Jacob, Michael Demetriou, Miroslav Krstic, Kirsten Morris, Hans Zwart

Chair: Birgit Jacob

·        Second-Order Systems with Acceleration Measurement

Birgit Jacob, Kirsten Morris

·        Riesz Basis for Strongly Continuous Groups

Hans Zwart

·        Design of Optimal Deterministic Output Estimators for Distributed Parameter Systems

Jochem Vissers, Siep Weiland

·        Infinite Structure for Infinite-Dimensional Systems: A Directional Approach

Petteri Laakkonen, Seppo Pohjolainen

4.   Sigma-Delta Modulators (Invited Session)

Organizer: Paolo Rapisarda

Chair: Paolo Rapisarda

·        Incremental Data Converters

Gabor C. Temes, Yan Wang, Wenhuan Yu, Janos Markus

·        A Constraint in Single-Feedback Sigma Delta Force-Feedback Loops with a Discrete-Time Loop Filter

Pieter Rombouts, Johan Raman, Ludo Weyten

·        Quantization Noise Conditioning Techniques for Digital Delta-Sigma Modulators

Sudhakar Pamarti

·        Dynamics-Level Design for Discrete- and Continuous-Time Band-Pass Sigma-Delta-Modulators for Micro-Machined Accelerometers

Jian Luo, Paolo Rapisarda, Michael Kraft

5.   Codes and Rings (Invited Session)

Organizers: Joachim Rosenthal, Marcus Greferath

Chair: Marcus Greferath

·        On the Parameters of Two-Weight Codes over Rings

Alfred Wassermann

·        Predictable Degree Property and Row Reducedness for a System over a Semi Simple Ring

Mohammed El Oued, Patrick Solé

·        A New Series of Z4-Linear Codes of High Minimum Lee Distance Derived from the Kerdock Codes

Michael Kiermaier, Johannes Zwanzger

·        Constructions of Two-Weight Codes over Finite Rings

Eimear Byrne, Alison Sneyd

6.   Max-Plus, Tropical and Idempotent Methods in Control – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizers: John S. Baras, William McEneaney

Chair: John S. Baras

·        Routing in Equilibrium

Joăo Luís Sobrinho, Timothy G. Griffin

·        Stochastic Perturbations of Deterministic Optimization Problems with Applications to a Spin Control Problem (Control of a Two-Level Atom)

Vassili N. Kolokoltsov

·        Asymptotic Values of Zero Sum Repeated Games: Evolution Equations in Discrete and Continuous Time

Guillaume Vigeral

·        Local Pruning for Information Dissemination in Dynamic Networks for Solving the Idempotent Semiring Algebraic Path Problem

Kiran K. Somasundaram, John S. Baras

7.   Noncommutative Rational Functions and Noncommutative Convexity – 1 (Mini-Course)

Organizers: William J. Helton, Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Igor Klep, Victor Vinnikov

·        Noncommutative Rational Functions and Noncommutative Convexity

William J. Helton, Dmitry S. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Igor Klep, Victor Vinnikov

8.   Mechanical Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Yoshiro Fukui

·        Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance of a Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot via the Minimum Projection Method

Yoshiro Fukui, Hisakazu Nakamura, Hirokazu Nishitani

·        Dynamics and Control of 2D SpiderCrane: A RHC Approach

Atul K. Kamath, Faruk Kazi, Navdeep M. Singh

·        Sampled-Data Cross-Track Control for Underactuated Ships

Hitoshi Katayama

·        Intelligent Multiple AUV Path Planning

P.B. Sujit, Joao Sousa, Bernardo Maciel

9.   Multi-Agent Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Magnus Egerstedt

·        Sustainable Group Sizes for Multi-Agent Search-and-Patrol Teams

Musad Haque, Magnus Egerstedt, Clyde F. Martin

·        Dynamic Spectral Clustering

Amy LaViers, Amir Rahmani, Magnus Egerstedt

·        Bounds and Approximations on the Reliability of Large Networks

Tamás Szántai, József Bukszár, Edith Kovács

·        On the Geometry and Deformation of Switching Manifolds for Autonomous Hybrid Systems

Farzin Taringoo, Peter E. Caines

10. Stability and Switching (Regular Session)

Chair: Vahid S. Bokharaie

·        On the D-Stability of Linear and Nonlinear Positive Switched Systems

Vahid S. Bokharaie, Oliver Mason, Fabian Wirth

·        On the Stabilizability of Discrete-Time Positive Switched Systems

Ettore Fornasini, Maria Elena Valcher

·        Stability Criteria for Planar Linear Systems with State Reset

Svetlana Polenkova, Jan Willem Polderman, Rom Langerak

·        On the Preservation of co-Positive Lyapunov Functions under Padé Discretization for Positive Systems

Annalisa Zappavigna, Patrizio Colaneri, Stephen Kirkland, Robert Shorten

11. Algebraic Structures – 1 (Regular Session)

Chair: Néstor Thome

·        Nonnegativity of Descriptor Systems of Index 1

Alicia Herrero, Francisco J. Ramirez, Néstor Thome

·        Approximation of Non-Negative Integer-Valued Matrices with Application to Hungarian Mortality Data

Márton Ispány, György Michaletzky, Jenő Reiczigel, Gábor Tusnády, Paula Tusnády, Katalin Varga

·        Explicit Parameterization of All Solutions of Linear Periodic Systems with Real-Valued Coefficients

Ichiro Jikuya, Ichijo Hodaka

·        Factorizations for Some Classes of Matrices Related to Positivity

Juan M. Peńa

12. Behaviors (Regular Session)

Chair: Paolo Rapisarda

·        State Maps from Bilinear Differential Forms

Paolo Rapisarda, Arjan J. van der Schaft

·        On the Problem of Model Reduction in the Gap Metric

Mark Mutsaers, Siep Weiland

·        The Behavioral Approach to Simultaneous Stabilization

Osamu Kaneko

·        Deterministic Identification of Lossless and Dissipative Systems

Paolo Rapisarda, Harry Trentelman

·        Passive Behaviors and their Passive State/Signal Realizations in Continuous Time

Damir Z. Arov, Mikael Kurula, Olof J. Staffans

13. Stability and Dissipativity (Regular Session)

Chair: Masaki Ogura

·        Dissipativity of Pseudorational Behaviors

Masaki Ogura, Yutaka Yamamoto

·        Cyclodissipativity and Power Factor Improvement for Full Nonlinear Loads

Dunstano del Puerto-Flores, Romeo Ortega, Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen

·        On Copositive Lyapunov Functions for a Class of Monotone Systems

Björn S. Rüffer, Christopher M. Kellett, Peter M. Dower

·        Stability of Fluid Network Models and Lyapunov Functions

Michael Schönlein, Fabian Wirth

14. Recent Developments in Multidimensional Systems, Control and Signals – Theory and Applications – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizer: Krzysztof Gałkowski

Chair: Krzysztof Gałkowski

·        Existence of Optimal Solutions of Two-Directionally Continuous Repetitive Process under Convexity Assumption

Marek Majewski

·        Distributed Stabilization of Spatially Invariant Systems: Positive Polynomial Approach

Petr Augusta, Zdeněk Hurak

·        An Output Control of a Class of Discrete Second-order Repetitive Processes

Pawel Dabkowski, Krzysztof Gałkowski, Biswa Datta

·        Approximation of ND Systems with Multiple Dependent Variables

Femke van Belzen, Siep Weiland

12.30 – 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

Semiplenaries 4-6

·       Quantify the Unstable
Li Qiu

·       Synthesis of Electrical and Mechanical Networks
Malcolm C. Smith

·       Coping with Time Delays in Networked Control Systems
Hitay Özbay

15.00 – 15.30

Coffee Break

15.30 – 17.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Control of Distributed Stochastic Systems (Invited Session)

Organizers: Jan H. van Schuppen, Charalambos D. Charalambous

Chair: Jan H. van Schuppen

·        Decentralized Detection with Signaling

Ashutosh Nayyar, Demosthenis Teneketzis

·        Performance Evaluation of Multi-Agent Distributed Collaborative Optimization under Random Communication Topologies

Ion Matei, John S. Baras

·        On the Optimal Reconstruction Kernel of Causal Rate Distortion Function

Charalambos D. Charalambous, Christos K. Kourtellaris, Photios Stavrou

·        Control of the Observation Matrix for Control Purposes

René K. Boel, Jan H. van Schuppen

2.   System Identification (Regular Session)

Chair: Ignat Domanov

·        Enhanced Line Search for Blind Channel Identification Based on the Parafac Decomposition of Cumulant Tensors

Ignat Domanov, Lieven De Lathauwer

·        Quantification of Model Uncertainty for a State-Space System

Wafa Farah, Guillaume Mercčre, Thierry Poinot, Jan-Willem van Wingerden

·        On Asymptotic Properties of MOESP-Type Closed-Loop Subspace Model Identification

Hiroshi Oku

·        Regularized Parametric Models of Nonstationary Processes

Daniel Rudoy, Tryphon Georgiou

·        Coupled Segmentation for Anatomical Structures by Combining Shape and Relational Spatial Information

Ivan Kolesov, Vandana Mohan, Gregory Sharp, Allen Tannenbaum

3.   Distributed Parameter Systems II: System Theoretical Properties (Invited Session)

Organizers: Birgit Jacob, Michael Demetriou, Miroslav Krstic, Kirsten Morris, Hans Zwart

Chair: Birgit Jacob

·        Non-Dissipative Boundary Feedback for Elastic Beams

Chris Guiver, Mark R. Opmeer

·        Absolute Stability of a System with Distributed Delays Modeling Cell Dynamics in Leukemia

Hitay Özbay, Houda Benjelloun, Catherine Bonnet, Jean Clairambault

·        Admissibilty for Volterra Systems with Scalar Kernels

Bernhard H. Haak, Birgit Jacob

·        Multiscale Dynamics Optimal Control of Parabolic PDE with Time Varying Spatial Domain (Crystal Growth Process)

James Ng, Ilyasse Aksikas, Stevan Dubljevic

4.   New Mathematical Methods in Multidimensional Systems Theory – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Alban Quadrat, Thomas Cluzeau

Chair: Thomas Cluzeau

·        Frobenius Method for Computing Power Series Solutions of Linear Higher-Order Differential Systems

Moulay Barkatou, Thomas Cluzeau, Carole El Bacha

·        Controllability and Differential Flatness of Linear Analytic Ordinary Differential Systems

Alban Quadrat, Daniel Robertz

·        Extendability of Multidimensional Linear Systems

Alban Quadrat

·        Module Structure of Classical Multidimensional Systems Appearing in Mathematical Physics

Thomas Cluzeau, Alban Quadrat

5.   Crypto and Applications (Invited Session)

Organizers: Joachim Rosenthal, Marcus Greferath

Chair: Marcus Greferath

·        Problems Related to Combinatorial Configurations with Applications to P2P-User Private Information Retrieval

Maria Bras-Amorós, Klara Stokes, Marcus Greferath

·        On Binary Sequences Generated by Self-Clock Controlled LFSR

Michele Elia, Guglielmo Morgari, Maria Spicciola

·        On the Number of Linear Feedback Shift Registers with a Special Structure

Srinivasan Krishnaswamy, Harish K. Pillai

·        Codes as Ideals over Some Pointed Hopf Algebras

Juan Cuadra, Jose M. García-Rubira, Juan A. López-Ramos

6.   Max-Plus, Tropical and Idempotent Methods in Control – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizers: John S. Baras, William McEneaney

Chair: William McEneaney

·        The Correspondence between Tropical Convexity and Mean Payoff Games

Marianne Akian, Stéphane Gaubert, Alexander Guterman

·        A Max-Plus Approach to the Approximation of Transient Bounds for Systems with Nonlinear L2-Gain

Huan Zhang, Peter M. Dower

·        Idempotent Methods for Control of Diffusions

Ben G. Fitzpatrick, Li Liu

·        Curse-of-Dimensionality-Free Control Methods for the Optimal Synthesis of Quantum Circuits

Srinivas Sridharan, William M. McEneaney, Matthew R. James

7.   Noncommutative Rational Functions and Noncommutative Convexity – 2 (Mini-Course)

Organizers: William J. Helton, Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Igor Klep, Victor Vinnikov

·        Noncommutative Rational Functions and Noncommutative Convexity

William J. Helton, Dmitry S. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Igor Klep, Victor Vinnikov

8.   Basic and Recent Results on Quantized Control (Invited Session)

Organizers: Toshiharu Sugie, Shun-ichi Azuma

Chair: Toshiharu Sugie

·        Coarseness in Quantization for Stabilization of Linear Systems over Networks

Hideaki Ishii, Koji Tsumura, Tomohisa Hayakawa

·        Stabilising Stochastic Linear Plants via Erroneous Channels

Girish N. Nair, Kartik Venkat

·        Introduction on Bit Memory Systems: Approximation and Stabilization

Koji Tsumura

·        Global Optimal Control of Quantized Systems

Lars Grüne, Florian Müller

9.   Networked Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Thomas E. Gorochowski

·        A Dynamical Approach to the Evolution of Complex Networks

Thomas E. Gorochowski, Mario di Bernardo, Claire S. Grierson

·        Betweenness Centrality Dynamics in Networks of Changing Density

László Gulyás, Gábor Horváth, Tamás Cséri, Zalán Szakolczy, George Kampis

·        Motion Programs for Multi-Agent Control: From Specification to Execution

Patrick Martin, Magnus Egerstedt

·        Minimal-time Uncertain Output Final Value of Unknown DT-LTI Systems with Application to the Decentralised Network Consensus Problem

Ye Yuan, Guy-Bart Stan, Ling Shi, Mauricio Barahona, Jorge Gonçalves

10. Sampled Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Emilia Fridman

·        Sampled-Data Stabilization of a Class of Parabolic Systems

Emilia Fridman, Anatoly Blighovsky

·        Truncated Norms and Limitations on Signal Reconstruction

Gjerrit Meinsma, Hanumant Singh Shekhawat

·        On the Consistency of L˛-Optimal Sampled Signal Reconstructors

Gjerrit Meinsma, Leonid Mirkin

·        Stability Analysis of Aperiodic Sampled-Data Control Systems: An Improved Approach Using Matrix Uncertainty

Yasuaki Oishi, Hisaya Fujioka

11. Algebraic Structures – 2 (Regular Session)

Chair: Kenji Fujimoto

·        Variational Symmetry of Discrete-Time Hamiltonian Systems and Learning Optimal Control

Kenji Fujimoto, Soraki Ogawa

·        Reproducing Kernels Preserving Algebraic Structure: A Duality Approach

Tzvetan Ivanov, Balázs Csanád Csáji

·        A Spinor Approach to Port-Hamiltonian Systems

Johannes G. Maks

·        On Computing Normalized Coprime Factorizations of Periodic Systems

András Varga

12. Structural Properties of Realizations (Regular Session)

Chair: W. Steven Gray

·        On the Rationality of the Feedback Connection

W. Steven Gray

·        On the Existence of Various Realizations

Jana Němcová, Jean-Baptiste Pomet

·        External Dynamical Equivalence of Time-Varying Nonlinear Control Systems on Time Scales

Zbigniew Bartosiewicz, Ewa Pawłuszewicz

·        Spaces of Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems Representable by Recognizable Formal Power Series

Mihály Petreczky, Ralf Peeters

13. Delay Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Lars Naujok

·        Lyapunov-Razumikhin and Lyapunov-Krasovskii Theorems for Interconnected ISS Time-Delay Systems

Sergey Dashkovskiy, Lars Naujok

·        Monodromy Operator Approach to Time-Delay Systems: Fast-Lifting Based Treatment of Operator Lyapunov Inequalities

Tomomichi Hagiwara

·        Monodromy Operator Approach to Time-Delay Systems: Numerical Method for Solving Operator Lyapunov Inequalities

Tomomichi Hagiwara, Takayuki Inui

·        Well-Posedness of Problems Involving Time-Varying Delays

Erik Verriest

14. Observer Theory (Invited Session)

Organizer: Jochen Trumpf

Chair: Jochen Trumpf

·        Functional T-Observers

Ingrid Blumthaler

·        H Observers Design for a Class of Continuous Nonlinear Singular Systems

Mohamed Darouach, Latifa Boutat-Baddas, Mohamed Zerrougui

·        Observability of Partial States of Invariant Systems

Christian Lageman

·        Error Models for Nonlinear Observers

Jochen Trumpf, Robert Mahony, Stefano Stramigioli


Wednesday, 7 July

09.00 – 10.00

Plenary 3:

·       Codes, Trellis Representations and the Interplay of System Theory and Coding Theory
Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee Break

10.30 – 11.30

Semiplenaries 7-9

·       Variable Robustness Control: Principles and Algorithms
Marco C. Campi, Simone Garatti

·       Challenges of Tracking Single Molecules in Live Cells
Raimund Ober

·       Learning Algorithms for Risk-Sensitive Control
Vivek S. Borkar

11.30 – 12.30

Distinguished Lecturer

·       The Mathematical Challange of Large Networks
László Lovász

12.30 – 13.30


13.30 – 17.30

Afternoon Tours

19.00 – 22.00



Thursday, 8 July

09.00 – 10.00

Plenary 4:

·       Robust Control, Multidimensional Systems and Multivariable Function Theory: Commutative and Noncommutative Settings
Joseph A. Ball, Sanne ter Horst

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee Break

10.30 – 12.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Stochastic Control – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Tyrone Duncan

Chair: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

·        Social Certainty Equivalence in Mean Field LQG Control: Social, Nash and Centralized Strategies

Minyi Huang, Peter E. Caines, Roland P. Malhamé

·        Idempotent Algorithms for Continuous-Time Stochastic Control

Hidehiro Kaise, William M. McEneaney

·        Tuning the TCP Timeout Mechanism in Wireless Networks to Maximize Throughput via Stochastic Stopping Time Methods

George Papageorgiou, John S. Baras

·        Control of Linear Systems with Fractional Brownian Motions

Tyrone E. Duncan, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

2.   New Developments in Stochastic System Identification (Invited Session)

Organizer: Yoshito Ohta

Chair: Yoshito Ohta

·        A Prediction-Error Identification Framework for Linear Parameter-Varying Systems

Roland Tóth, Peter S.C. Heuberger, Paul M.J. Van den Hof

·        Continuous-Time Subspace Identification in Closed-Loop

Marco Bergamasco, Marco Lovera

·        Spectral Density Function under Observation Outliers

Hideyuki Tanaka, Jaafar ALMutawa, Yoshito Ohta

·        Bias-Compensated State Space Model Identification

Kenji Ikeda, Yoshio Mogami, Takao Shimomura

4.   Optimization Methods in Systems and Control (Invited Session)

Organizer: Lars Grüne

Chair: Lars Grüne

·        A Sparse Stability Test for Sparse Matrices

Anders Rantzer

·        Delay-Optimal Global Feedbacks for Quantized Networked Event Systems

Stefan Jerg, Oliver Junge

·        Efficient Model Predictive Control for Linear Periodic Systems

Andreas Freuer, Marcus Reble, Christoph Böhm, Frank Allgöwer

·        Simple Homothetic Tube Model Predictive Control

Saša Raković, Basil Kouvaritakis, Rolf Findeisen, Mark Cannon

5.   Algebraic Systems Theory, Behaviors, and Codes: Recent Approaches to New System Classes (Invited Session)

Organizers: Eva Zerz, Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

Chair: Eva Zerz

·        Elimination, Fundamental Principle and Duality for Analytic Linear Systems of Partial Differential-Difference Equations with Constant Coefficients

Henri Bourlčs, Ulrich Oberst

·        Symmetries, Parametrizations and Potentials of Multidimensional Linear Systems

Thomas Cluzeau, Alban Quadrat

·        Degree Structures of Polynomial Vector Modules with Applications to Systems over Fields and Rings

Margreta Kuijper

·        On Periodic Solutions of Linear Difference Equations

Eva Zerz

6.   Geometric Control Theory for Linear Systems – 1 (Mini-Course)

Organizers: Giovanni Marro, Fabio Morbidi, Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis, Domenico Prattichizzo

·        Mini-Course on the Geometric Control Theory for Linear Systems

Giovanni Marro, Fabio Morbidi, Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis, Domenico Prattichizzo

7.   Real Algebraic Geometry and Applications – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizers: William J. Helton, Pablo Parrilo

Chair: William J. Helton

·        It is Convexity and Positivity of Polynomials

Pablo Parrilo

·        Recent Progress on Obtaining Matrix Convexity when the Variables are Matrices

William J. Helton

·        A Nullstellensatz for a Class of Two Sided Ideals of Noncommutative Polynomials

Victor Vinnikov

·        Relaxing LMI Domination Matricially

Igor Klep

8.   ---

9.   The Semigroup Approach to DPS (Invited Session)

Organizer: George Weiss

Chair: George Weiss

·        Analytic Properties of Matrix Riccati Equation Solutions

Ruth Curtain, Leiba Rodman

·        Structurally Damped Plate Equations with Random Point Force

Roland Schnaubelt

·        A Spectral Approach to the Null-Controllability of Diffusion Processes

Gérald Tenenbaum, Marius Tucsnak

·        Observers for DPS Back and Forth in Time

George Weiss, Karim Ramdani, Marius Tucsnak

10. Network Stability (Regular Session)

Chair: Ulf T. Jönsson

·        Primal and Dual Criteria for Robust Stability

Ulf T. Jönsson

·        Guaranteed Cost for Control of Networked Control Systems with Small Time-Varying Delays

Marc Jungers, Laurentiu Hetel, Jamal Daafouz

·        A Novel Discontinuous Lyapunov Functional Approach to Networked-Based Stabilization

Kun Liu, Vladimir Suplin, Emilia Fridman

·        A Multichannel IOpS Small-Gain Theorem for Large Scale Systems

Rudolf Sailer, Fabian Wirth

11. Stability (Regular Session)

Chair: Svyatoslav S. Pavlichkov

·        Further Remarks on Global Stabilization of Generalized Triangular Systems

Sergey Dashkovskiy, Svyatoslav S. Pavlichkov

·        Invariance Results Involving Non-Monotonic Lyapunov Functions with Applications

Anthony N. Michel, Ling Hou

·        A New Characterisation of Exponential Stability

Elena Panteley, Antonio Loría

·        Sufficient Conditions for Local Asymptotic Stability and Stabilization for Discrete-Time Varying Systems

Angeliki Stamati, John Tsinias

12. Linear Matrix Inequalities (Regular Session)

Chair: Christian Ebenbauer

·        Linear Matrix Inequalities for Normalizing Matrices

Christian Ebenbauer

·        LMI Conditions for the Stability of 2D State-Space Models

Djillali Bouagada, Paul van Dooren

·        Dynamic Quantizer Synthesis Based on Invariant Set Analysis for SISO Systems with Discrete-Valued Input

Kenji Sawada, Seiichi Shin

·        Fixed-Order Output-Feedback Control Design for LTI Systems: A New Algorithm to Reduce Conservatism

Emile Simon, Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Cristina Stoica, Didier Dumur, Vincent Wertz

13. Port-Hamiltonian Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Arjan J. van der Schaft

·        Port-Hamiltonian Systems on Open Graphs

Arjan J. van der Schaft, Bernhard M. Maschke

·        Adaptive Control of Port-Hamiltonian Systems

Daniel A. Dirksz, Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen

·        Model Reduction of Port-Hamiltonian Systems as Structured Systems

Rostyslav V. Polyuga, Arjan J. van der Schaft

·        Modeling for Control of an Inflatable Space Reflector, the Linear 2-D Case

Thomas Voss, Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen

14. Riccati and Sylvester-Equations (Regular Session)

Chair: Timo Reis

·        Lur'e Equations and Singular Optimal Control

Timo Reis

·        Reduction of State Variables Based on Regulation and Filtering Performances

Hidenori Shingin, Yoshito Ohta

·        An Explicit Dynamic Programming Solution for a Decentralized Two-Player Optimal Linear-Quadratic Regulator

John Swigart, Sanjay Lall

·        A State-Space Solution of Bilateral Diophantine Equations over RH

Maxim Kristalny, Leonid Mirkin

12.30 – 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

Semiplenaries 10-12

·       Orthogonal Rational Functions and Non-Stationary Stochastic Processes: A Szegö Theory
Laurent Baratchart
(based on joint work with L. Golinskii, S. Kupin, M. Olivi and V. Lunot)

·       Mathematical Finance with Heavy-Tailed Distributions
Mathukumalli Vidyasagar

·       Dynamic "Magic" Graphs in Cooperative Networked Systems
John S. Baras

15.00 – 15.30

Coffee Break

15.30 – 17.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Stochastic Control – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Tyrone Duncan

Chair: Tyrone Duncan

·        Convergence Rates of Markov Chain Approximation Methods for Controlled Regime-Switching Diffusions with Stopping

Qingshuo Song, George Yin

·        Existence of Strict Optimal Controls for Long-Term Average Stochastic Control Problems

Francois Dufour, Richard H. Stockbridge

·        The Beneš-Problem and Related Problems Revisited

Kurt L. Helmes, Richard H. Stockbridge

·        Calculus of Expected Present Value Operators and Comparative Statics in Real Option Theory

Svetlana Boyarchenko, Sergei Levendorskii

2.   Stochastic Adaptive Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Mario di Bernardo

·        Synchronization and Pinning Control of Networks via Adaptation and Edge Snapping

Pietro DeLellis, Mario di Bernardo, Maurizio Porfiri

·        Networked Adaptive Model Predictive Control

Joăo M. Lemos

·        Approximate Solution to Nonlinear Optimal Regulator Problem using Quantum and Stochastic Theories

Yuki Nishimura, Yuji Wakasa, Kanya Tanaka

·        A New Unscented Kalman Filter with Higher Order Moment-Matching

Ksenia Ponomareva, Paresh Date, Zidong Wang

4.   New Mathematical Methods in Multidimensional Systems Theory – 3 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Alban Quadrat, Thomas Cluzeau

Chair: Alban Quadrat

·        Conley Index Theory

Mohamed Barakat, Stanislaus Maier-Paape

·        The Significance of Gabriel Localization for Stability and Stabilization of Multidimensional Input/Output Behaviors

Ulrich Oberst

·        A Polynomial-Algebraic Approach to Lyapunov Stability Analysis of Higher-Order 2-D Systems

Paolo Rapisarda, Kiyotsugu Takaba, Chiaki Kojima

·        Controlled Invariant Varieties of Polynomial Control Systems

Eva Zerz, Sebastian Walcher, Fadime Güçlü

5.   Finite Geometry and Network Codes (Invited Session)

Organizers: Joachim Rosenthal, Marcus Greferath

Chair: Joachim Rosenthal

·        Two-Intersection Sets in Projective Hjelmslev Spaces

Thomas Honold

·        Construction of Codes for Network Coding

Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans, Axel Kohnert, Alfred Wassermann

·        Linear Codes from Projective Spaces

Michel Lavrauw, Leo Storme, Geertrui van de Voorde

·        On the Normality of (Non-Mixed and Mixed) Optimal Covering Codes

Gerzson Kéri

6.   Geometric Control Theory for Linear Systems – 2 (Mini-Course)

Organizers: Giovanni Marro, Fabio Morbidi, Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis, Domenico Prattichizzo

·        Mini-Course on the Geometric Control Theory for Linear Systems

Giovanni Marro, Fabio Morbidi, Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis, Domenico Prattichizzo

7.   Real Algebraic Geometry and Applications – 3 (Invited Session)

Organizers: William J. Helton, Pablo Parrilo

Chair: William J. Helton

·        A Class of Forms which are PSD iff are SOS

Carla Fidalgo, Alexander Kovačec

·        Positivity in Power Series Rings

Salma Kuhlmann

·        Relationship between Nonnegative Forms, Convex Forms and Sums of Squares: Faces and Volumes

Grigoriy Blekherman

·        Semidefinite Representation of Convex Hulls of Rational Varieties

Didier Henrion

8.   ---

9.   Operator Theoretic Approaches to DPS (Invited Session)

Organizer: George Weiss

Chair: George Weiss

·        Operator Splitting and Evolution Equations

Andras Batkai, Petra Csomos, Balint Farkas, Klaus-Jochen Engel, Gregor Nickel

·        The Weiss Conjecture and Katos Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations

Bernhard H. Haak, Peer Chr. Kunstmann

·        The Reciprocal Symmetry in State/Signal Systems in Continuous Time

Olof Staffans

·        An H Calculus of Admissible Operators

Hans Zwart

10. Systems on Graphs (Regular Session)

Chair: Giacomo Como

·        Persistence of Disagreement in Social Networks

Daron Acemoglu, Giacomo Como, Fabio Fagnani, Asuman Ozdaglar

·        Efficient Communication Infrastructures for Distributed Control and Decision Making in Networked Stochastic Systems

John S. Baras, Pedram Hovareshti

·        Spread of Epidemics in Time-Dependent Networks

Vahid S. Bokharaie, Oliver Mason, Fabian Wirth

·        On Robust Stability of the Belief Propagation Algorithm for LDPC Decoding

Björn S. Rüffer, Peter M. Dower, Christopher M. Kellett, Steven R. Weller

·        The PABTEC Algorithm for Passivity-Preserving Model Reduction of  Circuit Equations

Tatjana Stykel, Timo Reis

11. Applications of Differential Geometry (Regular Session)

Chair: Markus Schöberl

·        System Parametrization using Affine Derivative Systems

Markus Schöberl, Karl Rieger, Kurt Schlacher

·        Impulsive Transfer of Elliptical Orbits for Consensus of Two Spacecraft with Conservation of System Areal Velocity

Kazunori Furusawa, Tomohisa Hayakawa

·        Integrability and Optimal Control

Claudiu C. Remsing

·        Accessibility and Observability for a Class of First-Order PDE Systems with Boundary Control and Observation

Karl Rieger, Kurt Schlacher

12. Algebraic Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Tobias Brüll

·        Linear Quadratic Optimal Control, Dissipativity, and Para-Hermitian Matrix Polynomials

Tobias Brüll

·        Algebraic Properties of Riccati Equations

Ruth F. Curtain

·        Parametrization of Stabilizing Controllers with Fixed Precompensators

Kazuyoshi Mori

·        Output Regulation of Distributed Parameter Systems with Time-Periodic Exosystems

Lassi Paunonen, Seppo Pohjolainen

13. Structured Non-Linear Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: László Gerencsér

·        Change Detection for Hidden Markov Models

László Gerencsér, Cecilia Prosdocimi

·        Three Dimensional Multi-Scale Modeling of Brain Tumor Progression

Francisco Gamaliel Vital-Lopez, Costas D. Maranas, Antonios Armaou

·        Global Analysis of Firing Maps

Alexandre Mauroy, Julien M. Hendrickx, Alexandre Megretski, Rodolphe Sepulchre

·        Intraoperative Prediction of Tumor Cell Concentration from Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Vandana Mohan, Ivan Kolesov, Ferenc A. Jolesz, Nathalie Y.R. Agar, Allen R. Tannenbaum

14. Treatable H˛ Optimization for Infinite-Dimensional Systems (Invited Session)

Organizers: Yoshito Ohta, Leonid Mirkin

Chair: Yoshito Ohta

·        H˛ Performance on Multiple Preview Compensation and Internal State Setting

Akira Kojima, Kazuki Yokoyama

·        On the H˛ Two-Side Model Matching Problem with Preview

Maxim Kristalny, Leonid Mirkin

·        Optimal Signal Reconstruction from a Series of Recurring Delayed Measurements

Gjerrit Meinsma, Leonid Mirkin

·        A Unified Solution of a Class of Continuous/Discrete-Time H˛ Control

Kotaro Hashikura, Yoshito Ohta


Friday, 9 July

09.00 – 10.00

Plenary 5:

·       From Qualitative to Quantitative Models of Bacterial Regulatory Networks
Hidde de Jong

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee Break

10.30 – 12.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Control for Markov and Nonlinear Markov Processes (Invited Session)

Organizers: William McEneaney, Vassili N. Kolokoltsov

Chair: Vassili N. Kolokoltsov

·        Nonlinear Markov Games

Vassili N. Kolokoltsov

·        Stochastic Adaptive Nash Certainty Equivalence Control: Self-Identification Case

Arman C. Kizilkale, Peter E. Caines

·        Stopping Problems of Markov Processes with Discontinuous Functionals

Lukasz Stettner

·        Observation Process Control in Support of Stochastic Tasking Operations

William M. McEneaney, Ali Oran

2.   Realization and Information (Regular Session)

Chair: Charalambos D. Charalambous

·        Rate Distortion Function for a Class of Relative Entropy Sources

Farzad Rezaei, Charalambos D. Charalambous, Photios A. Stavrou

·        Stochastic Realization of Binary Exchangeable Processes

Lorenzo Finesso, Cecilia Prosdocimi

·        Stochastic Input-Output Realization of Bilinear Systems

György Terdik, József Bokor

·        Weakly Operator Harmonizable Processes in Complete Correlated Actions

Dan Popovici

3.   Distributed Parameter Systems III: Optimal Control (Invited Session)

Organizers: Birgit Jacob, Michael Demetriou, Miroslav Krstic, Kirsten Morris, Hans Zwart

Chair: Hans Zwart

·        Representation of Solutions of Riccati Equations for Well-Posed Systems

Mark R. Opmeer, Orest V. Iftime

·        LQ-Optimal Control for a Class of Time-Varying Coupled PDEs-ODEs System

Amir Alizadeh Moghadam, Ilyasse Aksikas, J. Fraser Forbes, Stevan Dubljevic

·        Optimal Control of Fractional Systems: A Diffusive Formulation

Denis Matignon

·        Linear-Quadratic Differential Games Revisited

Michel C. Delfour

4.   Behavioral Systems and Control Theory (Invited Session)

Organizer: Paolo Rapisarda

Chair: Paolo Rapisarda

·        A Polynomial Approach to the Realization of J-Lossless Behaviours

Shodhan Rao, Paolo Rapisarda, Lewis Moody

·        Pseudorational Behaviors and Bezoutians

Yutaka Yamamoto, Jan C. Willems, Masaki Ogura

·        Tracking and Regulation in the Behavioral Framework

Shaik Fiaz, Kiyotsugu Takaba, Harry Trentelman

·        Ports and Terminals

Jan Willems

5.   Algebraic Systems Theory, Behaviors, and Codes: Design, Analysis, and Decoding of Convolutional Codes (Invited Session)

Organizers: Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Eva Zerz

Chair: Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

·        Decoding of a Class of Convolutional Codes

Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Uwe Helmke, José Ignacio Iglesias Curto

·        On the Determination of an Input-State-Output Realization of a Secure McEliece-Like Cryptosystem Based on Convolutional Codes

Joan Josep Climent, Victoria Herranz, Carmen Perea, Virtudes Tomás

·        Reverse-Maximum Distance Profile Convolutional Codes over the Erasure Channel

Virtudes Tomás, Joachim Rosenthal, Roxana Smarandache

·        Column Distances for 2D-Convolutional Codes

Diego Napp Avelli, Carmen Perea, Raquel Pinto

6.   Differential Geometric Methods for Computational Engineering Applications – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Knut Hüper, Christian Lageman

Chair: Knut Hüper

·        Adaptive Filtering for Estimation of a Low-Rank Positive Semi-Definite Matrix

Silvčre Bonnabel, Gilles Meyer, Rodolphe Sepulchre

·        Intrinsic Newton’s Method on Oblique Manifolds for Overdetermined Blind Source Separation

Martin Kleinsteuber, Hao Shen

·        A Geometric Revisit to the Trace Quotient Problem

Hao Shen, Klaus Diepold, Knut Hüper

·        Local Minima of the Best Low Multilinear Rank Approximation of Tensors

Mariya Ishteva, Pierre-Antoine Absil, Sabine van Huffel, Lieven de Lathauwer

7.   Shadows of Multidimensionality: Multidimensional Systems with Applications to 1-D Systems – 1 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Joseph A. Ball, Victor Vinnikov

Chair: Victor Vinnikov

·        Structured Noncommutative Multidimensional Linear Systems and Scale-Recursive Modeling

Tanit Malakorn, Joseph A. Ball

·        Controllability of Autonomous Behaviors and Livšic Overdetemined Systems as 2D Behaviors with Pure Autonomy Degree One

Grant Boquet, Joseph A. Ball

·        The H-Problem in Multidimensional Control Theory: State-Space versus Frequency-Domain Formulation

Joseph A. Ball, Sanne ter Horst

·        Linear State Space Theory in the White Noise Space Setting

Daniel Alpay, David Levanony, Ariel Pinhas

8.   Applications in Medicine (Regular Session)

Chair: Andras Balogh

·        Bifurcation Control in an Infectious Disease Model

Andras Balogh, Roberto Castillo, Noel Cavazos Jr.

·        Identifiability Analysis of an Epidemiological PDE Model

Antoine Perasso, Béatrice Laroche, Suzanne Touzeau

·        Unification of Accelerated and Proportional Hazard Rate Models and Application for Data of the Hungarian National Cancer Registry

Lídia Rejtő

9.   Systems on Graphs – Consensus (Regular Session)

Chair: Enrico Lovisari

·        A Resistance-Based Approach to Performance Analysis of the Consensus Algorithm

Enrico Lovisari, Federica Garin, Sandro Zampieri

·        Notes on the Deficiency One Theorem: Single Linkage Class

Balázs Boros

·        Optimal Finite-Time Distributed Linear Averaging

Qing Hui

·        Dilatability of Linear Cellular Automata

Adriana Popovici, Dan Popovici

10. Networked Control – 1 (Regular Session)

Chair: Karl Mĺrtensson

·        Sub-Optimality Bound on a Gradient Method for Iterative Distributed Control Synthesis

Karl Mĺrtensson, Anders Rantzer

·        The Logarithmic Quantiser is Not Optimal for LQ Control

Jean-Charles Delvenne

·        Distributed Inequality Constrained Kalman Smoother

Simone Del Favero, Gianluigi Pillonetto, Bradley M. Bell

·        MIMO Encoder and Decoder Design for Signal Estimation

Erik Johannesson, Andrey Ghulchak, Anders Rantzer, Bo Bernhardsson

11. Analytical Methods (Regular Session)

Chair: Tamás Kalmár-Nagy

·        Random Walk on a Rooted, Directed Husimi Cactus

Tamás Kalmár-Nagy

·        Scalable Decentralized Control and the Davis-Wielandt Shell

Ioannis Lestas

·        Characterization of Shift Invariant Subspace of Matrix-valued Hardy Space

Yohei Kuroiwa

12. Analysis of Physical Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Hans Zwart

·        Analysis of the Three Dimensional Heat Conduction in Nano- or Microscale

Hanif Heidari, Hans Zwart, Alaeddin Malek

·        Well-Posedness, Regularity and Exact Controllability for the Problem of Transmission of the Schrödinger Equation

Salah-Eddine Rebiai

·        Hamiltonian Evolution Equations of Inductionless Magnetohydrodynamics

Andreas Siuka, Markus Schöberl, Kurt Schlacher

·        Instantaneous Control of the Linear Wave Equation

Nils Altmüller, Lars Grüne, Karl Worthmann

·        Hybrid Modeling, Control and Estimation in ABS Applications Based on In-Wheel Electric Motors

Ricardo de Castro, Joăo de Sousa, Rui Esteves Araújo, Fernando Pereira, Diamantino Freitas

13. Quantum Systems (Regular Session)

Chair: Francesca Albertini

·        Methods of Control Theory for the Analysis of Quantum Walks on Graphs

Francesca Albertini, Domenico D’Alessandro

·        Parameter Estimation of Quantum Processes Using Convex Optimization

Gábor Balló, Attila Magyar, Katalin M. Hangos

·        Martingale Approach in Quantum State Estimation Using Indirect Measurements

László Ruppert, Katalin M. Hangos

·        The Energy Minimization Problem for Two-Level Dissipative Quantum Systems

Dominique Sugny, Bernard Bonnard

14. Model Reduction (Regular Session)

Chair: André Schneider

·        Balanced Truncation Model Order Reduction for LTI Systems with many Inputs or Outputs

Peter Benner, André Schneider

·        Balanced Truncation for Linear Interconnected Systems: The State Feedback Case

Kenji Fujimoto, Sayaka Ono, Yoshikazu Hayakawa

·        Numerical Algorithm for Structured Low Rank Approximation Problem

Swanand R. Khare, Harish K. Pillai, Madhu N. Belur

·        Finite Time System Operator and Balancing for Model Reduction and Decoupling

Erik I. Verriest

·        Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear Circuits

Andreas Steinbrecher

12.30 – 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

Semiplenaries 13-15

·       Controllability of Networked Systems
Magnus Egerstedt

·       Quantum Linear Systems Theory
Ian R. Petersen

·       Nonlinear Filtering and Systems Theory
Ramon van Handel

15.00 – 15.30

Coffee Break

15.30 – 17.30

Parallel Sessions

1.   Stochastic Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Alexander Yu. Mazurov

·        Risk-Sensitive Dissipativity and Relevant Control Problems

Alexander Yu. Mazurov, Pavel V. Pakshin

·        Hardy-Schatten Norms of Systems, Output Energy Cumulants and Linear Quadro-Quartic Gaussian Control

Igor G. Vladimirov, Ian R. Petersen

·        Anisotropy-Based Bounded Real Lemma

Alexander P. Kurdyukov, Eugene A. Maximov, Michael M. Tchaikovsky

2.   New Paradigms for Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Fritz Colonius

·        Minimal Data Rates and Invariance Entropy

Fritz Colonius

·        Fast Controls and Their Calculation

Alexander Daryin, Yulia Minaeva

·        Optimal Event-Triggered Control under Costly Observations

Adam Molin, Sandra Hirche

·        On a Canonical QR Decomposition and Feedback Control of Discrete-Time Quantum Dynamics

Francesco Ticozzi, Saverio Bolognani

3.   Distributed Parameter Systems IV: Computational Issues (Invited Session)

Organizers: Birgit Jacob, Michael Demetriou, Miroslav Krstic, Kirsten Morris, Hans Zwart

Chair: Hans Zwart

·        Numerical Approximation of Exact Controls for Vibrating Systems

Nicolae Cîndea, Sorin Micu, Marius Tucsnak

·        Robust Output Controller Design Based on Adaptive Model Reduction for Parabolic PDE Systems

Sivakumar Pitchaiah, Antonios Armaou

·        Overview of Consensus Filters for Distributed Parameter Systems Utilizing Sensor Networks

Michael A. Demetriou

·        Sensor Network Design for Inverse Problems

Dariusz Uciński

4.   Computing (Regular Session)

Chair: Pierre-Antoine Absil

·        An Efficient BFGS Algorithm for Riemannian Optimization

Chunhong Qi, Kyle A. Gallivan, Pierre-Antoine Absil

·        Properties of a Parameterized Model Reduction Method

Aivar Sootla

·        A Notion of Approximation for Systems Over Finite Alphabets

Danielle C. Tarraf

5.   Economics and Systems Theory (Regular Session)

Chair: Giacomo Como

·        On Robustness Analysis of Large-Scale Transportation Networks

Giacomo Como, Ketan Savla, Daron Acemoglu, Munther A. Dahleh, Emilio Frazzoli

·        Combining the Frisch Scheme and Yule-Walker Equations for Identifying Multivariable Errors-in-Variables Models

Roberto Diversi, Roberto Guidorzi

·        Recursive Estimation of GARCH Processes

László Gerencsér, Zsanett Orlovits, Balázs Torma

·        Stochastic Calculus of Heston's Stochastic-Volatility Model

Floyd B. Hanson

6.   Differential Geometric Methods for Computational Engineering Applications – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Knut Hüper, Christian Lageman

Chair: Christian Lageman

·        A Filtering Technique on the Grassmann Manifold

Quentin Rentmeesters, Pierre-Antoine Absil, Paul van Dooren

·        Rotation Averaging and Weak Convexity

Richard Hartley, Jochen Trumpf, Yuchao Dai

·        On the Computation of Means on Grassmann Manifolds

Knut Hüper, Uwe Helmke, Sven Herzberg

·        Joint Subspace Intersections as a Fitting Problem

Christian Lageman, Knut Hüper

7.   Shadows of Multidimensionality: Multidimensional Systems with Applications to 1-D Systems – 2 (Invited Session)

Organizers: Joseph A. Ball, Victor Vinnikov

Chair: Joseph A. Ball

·        Multievolution Scattering Systems and the Multivariable Schur Class

Dmitry S. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi

·        Overdetermined Systems on Lie Groups and Their Transfer Functions

Eli Shamovich

·        On the Class RSI of Rational Schur Functions Intertwining Solutions of Linear Differential Equations

Daniel Alpay, Andrey Melnikov, Victor Vinnikov

·        On Ranks of Noncommutative Polynomials

Victor Vinnikov

8.   Systems Biology (Regular Session)

Chair: Krisztina Kiss

·        Prey and Polyphagous Predator Species with Diffusion

Zsuzsanna Barta, Krisztina Kiss

·        Robust Dynamical Network Reconstruction

Ye Yuan, Guy-Bart Stan, Sean Warnick, Jorge Gonçalves

·        MAPK Module: Biological Basis, Structure, Mathematical Model and Dynamical Analyse

Nataša A. Kablar

·        Estimation of Efficacy of HIV Nucleoside-Analogue Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (AZT) via Stochastic Modeling

Samira Khalili, James M. Monaco, Antonios Armaou

9.   Consensus and Games (Regular Session)

Chair: Xiaoming Hu

·        Optimal Output Consensus Control and Outlier Detection

Johan Thunberg, Xiaoming Hu

·        Distributed Consensus Under Limited Information

Haopeng Zhang, Qing Hui

·        Emergence of Lévy Flights in Distributed Consensus Systems

Jing Wang, Nicola Elia

·        Anti-Palindromic Pencil Formulation for Open-Loop Stackelberg Strategy in Discrete-Time

Marc Jungers, Cristian Oară

10. Networked Control – 2 (Regular Session)

Chair: Shivkumar V. Iyer

·        Application of Graph Theory in Stability Analysis of Meshed Microgrids

Shivkumar V. Iyer, Madhu N. Belur, Mukul C. Chandorkar

·        Power-Aware Sensor Coverage: An Optimal Control Approach

Patrick Martin, Rosalba Galvan-Guerra, Magnus Egerstedt, Vadim Azhmyakov

·        Distributed Electrical Power Distribution Using Evolutionary Variational Inequalities

Abubakr Muhammad

11. Robust Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Didier Henrion

·        Convex Inner Approximations of Nonconvex Semialgebraic Sets Applied to Fixed-Order Controller Design

Didier Henrion, Christophe Louembet

·        Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems with Time-Varying Delays via Integral Quadratic Constraints

Chung-Yao Kao

·        Robust Stability Analysis of Inverse LQ Regulator for Linear Systems with Input Delay

Takao Fujii, Osamu Kaneko

·        Periodically Time-Varying Controller Synthesis for Multiobjective H2/H Control of Discrete-Time Systems and Analysis of Achievable Performance

Yoshio Ebihara, Jun Yamaguchi, Tomomichi Hagiwara

12. Electrical Circuits (Regular Session)

Chair: Luigi Fortuna

·        Chaos Control in Inductor-Based Chaotic Oscillators

Arturo Buscarino, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Gregorio Sciuto

·        A Reduced Model of Reflectometry for Wired Electric Networks

Mohamed Oumri, Qinghua Zhang, Michel Sorine

13. Quantum Systems and Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Francesco Ticozzi

·        Schrödinger Bridges for Discrete-Time, Classical and Quantum Markovian Evolutions

Michele Pavon, Francesco Ticozzi

·        A Unified Approach to Controllability of Closed and Open Quantum Systems

Indra Kurniawan, Gunther Dirr, Uwe Helmke

·        Symmetry in Quantum System Theory of Multi-Qubit Systems

Robert Zeier, Uwe Sander, Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen

·        Quantum Stochastic Stability and Weak-* Convergence of System Observables

Ram Somaraju, Ian Petersen


14. Robust Convex Control (Regular Session)

Chair: Debraj Chakraborty

·        Bang-Bang Solutions to the Open Loop Maximal Time Problem

Debraj Chakraborty

·        Robust Stabilization with Real Parametric Uncertainty via Linear Programming

Svetlana Iantchenko, Andrey Ghulchak

·        Treatment of Systems Nonlinearities by a Multiplier Method

Éva Gyurkovics, Tibor Takács

·        Gain-Scheduled H2 Filter Synthesis via Polynomially Parameter-Dependent Lyapunov Functions with Inexact Scheduling Parameters

Masayuki Sato