The Biennial European Winter Conference of Plasma Spectrochemistry has a world-wide reputation as the premier meeting in the field of  atomic spectroscopy. Following on from the very successful meeting held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 2003, we are pleased to invited you and your co-workers to the brand new member-state of the EU, Hungary. The aims of Winter Conferences are to promote developments in both fundamental and applied plasma spectroscopy by providing a friendly environment, where delegates can meet, formally and informally. As the Chair of the Organizing Committee, I promise to organize a successful meeting, with your help. You have to come, and bring you new ideas, to show to the scientific auditorium of the world. Please accept our invitation.

A one-day meeting of the European Working Group on Glow Discharge Spectroscopy will be held in association with the Winter2005 Conference. The meeting of this group are open to all interested participants.


Prof. Péter Fodor
Chair of the Conference