Call for papers

Manufacturing systems of our days work in a fast changing environment full of uncertainties. Increasing complexity is another feature showing up in production processes and systems, furthermore, in enterprise structures, as well. One of the recent areas of research is related to the globalization of production manifested in production networks.
By using appropriate modelling and digital enterprise (DE) technologies, theoretically, all the important production-related information is available and manageable in a controlled, user-dependent way.
The main concepts of adaptive manufacturing, digital manufacturing, knowledge-based manufacturing, networked manufacturing will be addressed at the Workshop together with requirements for real-time functioning and cooperativeness of the whole system.
The Workshop's objective is to provide an international forum to discuss the state-of-the-art of manufacturing modelling, management and control, to disseminate the recent advances and to share views on perspectives of this highly exciting area.


  • Product design support systems
  • Modelling, simulation, control and monitoring of manufacturing processes and systems
  • Production planning, scheduling
  • Quality Management
  • Design and implementation methods for CIM
  • Architectures of intelligent manufacturing systems
  • Robotics in manufacturing
  • Complexity, flexibility, transformability, maintainability, reliability, safety and dependability in CIM
    • Integration and communication
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches
    • Multi-agent approach in the context of manufacturing systems
    • Complex adaptive systems, emergent synthesis in manufacturing
    • Sensor networks, ubiquitous computing, active identifiers, wireless communication in manufacturing
    • Virtual reality and manufacturing
    • Digital factories, extended enterprises, production networks
  • Knowledge management in production
  • Mass customisation
  • Human factors and education

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