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Information and instructions

All attendees are kindly requested to read this information carefully before registering.

2003 ACL membership fee
Only members of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) are elligible to participate in the EACL03 Conference.
- Please, check your 2003 ACL membership before registering!
- In case you have not settled your 2003 ACL membership, please, arrange it directly with ACL.
2003 ACL membership fee can also be paid on the spot at the registration in cash (only EUR or HUF is accepted )

Tutorial and Workshop surcharge for NON Main Conference participants
HUF 37000 will be added to the total tutorial fee and to the total workshop fee as a surcharge for NON Main Conference participants.

Tutorial and Workshop selection
The selected tutorial(s) and workshop(s) should be clearly indicated when registering. Please, do not register for two or more events running parallel. Participants registered for a tutorial or workshop will receive the notes of the selected event but may attend all the others running parallel.

Registration fees
 Regular registration fees
 50% off for students* from all fees!

 (*Special requirements)
15 March 2003 

15 March 2003

 COMPLEX  (satellite event)
HUF 18000 
HUF 23000 

 Half  day Tutorials
HUF 25000
HUF 32000

 Half  day Workshops
HUF 12000
HUF 16000
 1 day Workshops
HUF 18000
HUF 25000
 2 days Workshops
HUF 32000
HUF 44000

 Main Conference
HUF 72000
HUF 93000
HUF 37000 will be added to the total tutorial fee and to the total workshop fee as a surcharge for NON Main Conference participants.

* Special requirements for students: Students must provide proof of enrollment in an educational programme.

Registration fees include:
Main Conference
- admission to the tutorial(s) you are    registered for
notes of the tutorial(s) you are    registered for
- coffee break(s)

- admission to the workshop(s) you     are registered for and all others            running parallel
- notes of the workshop(s) you are       registered for
- coffee break(s)

- admission to:
  main  conference  paper sessions     student research workshops
  research notes


- conference proceedings
- conference CD
- conference bag
coffee breaks
- welcome reception

Social events  (VAT included)
Welcome Reception
in the Restaurant of Hotel Agro Conference Center
(Conference site)

 April 14, from 19.00
All registered participants  are cordially invited. 
on the Europa Boat*
April 16, from 19.30
HUF 12500

* The conference banquet will be held on the boat Europa. Cruising on the Danube you can enjoy the evening colours and night lights of Budapest with live music and dance.
The number of tickets to be sold on the spot is very limited. Reserve tickets by a prompt e-mail
Special bus transfer will take the participants from  Hotel Agro to the Europa Boat and back. The bus departs at 19.00 from Hotel Agro Conference Center.

Lunch  (VAT included)
Optional sandwich lunches are available on  April 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
(3 sandwiches, refresment, fruit, coffee)
HUF 2000/lunch

Lunch ticket can be bought in advance for sandwich lunches  (on April 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) served in the Restaurant of the Agro Hotel Conference Center. Please, indicate the days and number of tickets required on your registration form. Each ticket costs HUF 2000/lunch.
Availability of tickets on-site will be limited
. Please indicate any dietary restriction.

Method of Payments
Payments can be made by credit card (AmEx, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa are accepted)  or by bank transfer.

Credit cards
In case of paying by credit card please use the Credit Card InForm

Bank transfer
Payments by bank transfer should be sent to the following account of the EACL 2003 Secretariat

“EACL 2003 Secretariat” MTA SZTAKI
Account No. 10032000-01738588
National Bank of Hungary
H-1850 Budapest, Hungary

In the case of bank transfer the proof of remittance should be sent (preferably by fax: +36-1-386-9378) to the EACL 2003 Secretariat. In order to be able to identify payments, please make sure that the name of each Conference participant is clearly indicated on all documents.

Please note:
- payments sent by bank transfer must be free of charges for the MTA SZTAKI
- the cut-off date for early registration (15 March, 2003) will be strictly enforced

- for on-the-spot payments credit cards (AmEx, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa) and cash (HUF) will be accepted.

Requests for refunds of the registration fee (less 20% administration charge) will be honored only if they are received before 01 April, 2003. No refunds will be given for cancellation requests received after that date or for non-attendance.  

Confirmation of registration and accommodation will be sent by mail upon receipt of the completed Registration and Accommodation Form  with credit card information or the proof of remittance in case of bank transfer.
Please bring the confirmation with you to the Conference for presentation at the
Registration Desk.

off-line (.doc, .pdf)