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We operate internationally as an important strategic partner in conference and exhibition management. Our clients are national and international associations, governmental and intergovernmental agencies, corporations and other organisations.

Project planning and management

Budgetary matters
Site mapping and facilities
Technical arrangements
Contract negotiations
Programme development
Database management
Supplier negotiations

Relations to local Academia, universities and industry

Project secretariat

We can provide you with a project secretariat and central mailbox for your conference.

Financial management and bookkeeping

Registration services

Our registration experts distribute announcements and track responses, register participants, process payments, confirm registrations, handle inquiries and perform essential post-conference follow-up procedures. The registration procedures are executed by mail, fax or through our on-line registration system which includes a secure site for payment. Registration services also include the production of individual documents, tickets and name badges.

Hotel management and administration

Hotel reservation is an integrated part of our participant registration system and enables participants to register for the conference, book hotel accommodations and make payments at the same time.

On-site management and recruitment

It is essential that qualified on-site personnel are present throughout the conference. We provide your event with highly qualified staff members that have participated in the preparation and execution of numerous events.

On-site management and recruitment of human resources includes:

Catering management

Social and special events

We have extensive experience in organising tailor-made events for various kinds of conferences. We organise social and special events, such as opening or inaugural sessions, welcome receptions, dinners, lunches and scientific or technical excursions.

Consultancy services

Exhibition management and sale