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Gusztav Hencsey from 1971      Head of the Team
Mariann Kindl from 1990
Viktor Richter from 1993
Éva Thiry from 1996
Judit Megyery from 2001
Magdolna Zsivnovszki from 2002

Gusztáv Hencsey graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Technology in 1969 and received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Control Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1988. From 1969 he has been a researcher in control theory at the Computer and Automation Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. From 1975 to 1990 Gusztáv Hencsey was responsible for the international co-operations of the Institute, he was a member of the programme and organising committees of many international scientific conferences, and Hungary's first professional conference organising team (PCO) of the Institute has operated under his leadership.
From 1985 he has been the Secretary of the International Federation of Automatic Control, supervising about 40 meetings sponsored by the Federation in 50 countries worldwide yearly. From 1990 he has been the head of the Conference Department at the Institute. In 1990 he established SCOPE Meeting Co. Ltd. He is one of the founders of the Federation of Hungarian Event Organisers, Member of the Board of the Federation from 1992, President of the Federation since 2002. In 1984 Gusztáv Hencsey organised the first computer aided conference and in 1995 the first "paperless" conference in Hungary. He is a Member of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee and was the Conference Chair of the 12th WWW Conference held in Budapest in 2003.